Friday, August 19, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya Bonda

Selamat Hari Raya Bonda

This song is originally owned by veteran composer and producer Rosli Selasih and it used to be sang by other local artist Natasha. This version is a new remake with new arrangement which are sang by Rosli him self and classic veteran singer Hayati. Sessionist for wood wind instrument was play by veteran Bukit Bintang band, Abang Lan. I was assigned to engineered the recording session, mixing and mastering at Kayang Event Studio owned and run by Rosli Selasih.

Haaa jom dengar lagu raya Very Happy hahaha 

Title : Selamat Hari Raya Bonda 
Artist : Rosli Selasih ft Hayati (veteran singer) 
Composer : Rosli Selasih 
Producer : Rosli Selasih 
Lyric : Rosli Selasih 
Recording Engineer : Jiro / Cj 
Mixing and Mastering : Jiro / Cj 

Run time : - 3:58 
Format : Wave PCM stereo 24bit 44.1khz 2116kbps 

Originally sang by : Natasha 

Recording detail for reference: 

OS : Windows 7 x64 
DAW : Sonar 8.5 PE x64 
Interface : CREATIVE Audigy 4 Pro 
Mic Pre-Amps : Focusrite Platinum Voice Master 
Monitor : 4pcs of Yamaha NS-10 

Digital Instrument: 
Synth, String, Bass, Accordion - KORG Triton LE (Rosli Selasih) 
Drum Bass, Snare, HiHat - Session Drummer 3 

Miccing Instrument: 
Guitar - Nuemann Condenser Mic (play by Rosli Selasih) 
Flute - Nuemann Condenser Mic (play by Abang Lan) 
Violin - Nuewmann Condenser Mic (play by Fadzli) 
Rabanna - Nuemann Condenser Mic (play by Rosli Selasih) 
Kesi - Nueman Condenser Mic (play by Rosli Selasih) 
Tamborine - Shure SM57 (play by Rosli Selasih) 
Shaker - Shure SM57 (play by Rosli Selasih) 

***why using CREATIVE SOUNDBLASTER AUDIGY 4???? the studio machine supposedly run using Pro-Tools via AVID MBox, but somehow the MBox not functionally as it suppose to, the interface driver keep unworkingable, so we open up the old store room and found this Audigy 4 that we used to use 5 years ago. Lucky the device are still working in a good condition, and producer like the sound from Audigy and he say "...SOUND DIA LAGI BEST DARI MBOX" ...and i kinda agree...HEHEHEH