Sunday, February 28, 2010

Romance Not In Fashion : The Ratchet Demo MP3

Hey guys.. seems like in our myspace page not allowed fans or visitor to download our song so I put up here the link to our media fire for the current moment..
This is our very first Demo entitled The Ratchet.. exclusive just for free download. Track Listing:

01 - Moon Runners
02 - No Where

03 - Since You

04 - Hate Is The Strong Word

Please download and spread the music around :) still looking for bright future with it..Keep supporting our own Malaysia Local Scene and Support the unknowns.

Download Link :


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Saturday, February 27, 2010


sometimes i feel like crying but i just dont know how...

i wish i was like some of them, people giving attention to what i been doing or even say Hi at least to acknowledge my existent..

im pure lonely..desperate..disobey..

Thursday, February 25, 2010


i dont know why, lately im not much like to writing...

im obviously not like other bloggers as they write what ever happen in their live for each day, or anything bad or new came in,,garh

my blog? hurmm.. just a place after all..

i dont know what i want, but i know how to get it.. i will always stay inglorious ...i just dont know how attract or making an attention like some of my good friends did in their live..

so dont look great on me.. im just a swindler.. im not everyone favorites..

ok out..out..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What You Mean to Me

Can't blame you, for thinking
That you never really understand me at all
I tried to, deny you
But nothing ever made me feel so wrong

I thought I was protecting you
From everything that I go through
But I know that we got lost along the way

Just know that, I'm sorry
I never wanted to make you feel so small
A story is, just beginning
We'll let the truth break down these walls
And every time I think of you
I think of how you pushed me through
And showed me how much better I could be

You make me feel like I'm myself
Instead of being someone else
I wanna live that everyday
You say what no one else will say
You know exactly how to get to me
You know it's what I need
It's what I need

Here I am, with all my heart
I hope you understand
I know I let you down
But I'm never gonna make
That mistake again
You brought me closer
To who I really am
Come take my hand
I want the world to see
What you mean to me

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