Monday, January 23, 2012

New sticker on old guitar of mine

The Goon

Last week I was at the Boarders the Curve Damansara, its been a while I didnt walk in to a book store. Every time im in there, the first section i will look for is Graphic Novel Section, and grab my self a good stuff, The Goon.

Well, im a geek for comics no matter it is a Western Comic or Japanese Manga, im a big fans. Why The Goon? Im a reader, not a collector, even tho im a big fans superheroes type of comic like from Marvel Series; The X-men, Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man or DC Comic like Batman, Superman, Latern, Wonder Women but i will never buy any of that except for a special 1 time story. The problem with that type of comic is they make me addict to them, so you need to continue buying because it is a series with volumes, it is expensive. I got full collection of few manga like Slam Dunk, Shin Chan, Law Of Ueki, Doraemon, Dragon Ball Z, and some others from Hong Kong Comic, is because they are more affordable than Western Comic.

If Im planing on buying, i would prefer a novel type of comic sort like crime comic or horror comic. Example like 100 Bullets series, Noir, Once Upon A Time, Academy and many more. I picked up The Goon because I never read any of them.

So The Goon is all about fighting monster like Zombies, Ghost, Demon, Satan and Cannibalism. Its like Hell Boy, but with out any Super Power or Mutant Special Act. The Goon is kind a serious comic with a funny side kick, Franky.

Im still not start reading it yet, just go thru some pages to check out the awesome graphic by Eric Powell. So if guys like this kind of comic, grab your self a good one :)

Those Face

I see a face and it's familiar,
Memory, a wicked inclinations,
But I found it stupid,
I cannot see how it can make me Happy.