Build My Own Mixing Room

Build my own Mixing Room

Postby Jiro » Tue Apr 26, 2011 11:43 pm
After a decade convincing my dad to give me a space for me to build a better environment for mixing are now approved. To whom already come working some project with me sure know how small the space i got for mixing and more annoyingly is i share the space in my dad home office, plus im stuck very end of the wall wit all of cabinet and some construction stuff. Supposed i want to treat in my own room up stairs, but to considered as all the room was near to each other, so my dad said it would abuse the harmony of family privacy day and night. (But i'm bit pissed off when my brother using that room for his green/blue screen for video editing :x ).

So yesterday, me, my dad and one of his worker already measure the space and buy some plywood to install a new wall. The new room will a lot disappointment to me because of my dad dont want to remove the glass sliding door and replace with a brick. So i got no choice but to accept which i look at the bright side it is much better than the little room im in now (really little, jamban size, and no privacy as people keep walking behind me all the time). Better this than nothing right? So lets DIY.

Image Image

So this is how my room measurement (sorry for the bad drawing, using paint, i got no other software)


So now the real deal is, this is my FIRST TIME doing this kind of project. I admit i am zero knowledge at acoustic or any other subject that related to it and this project. So i need alot of advise, suggestion, tips, maybe DIY instruction like building own acoustic panel and bass trap, info where to buy those item like rockwool (or maybe better ready made panel and trap, if they selling it with reasonable price), how to install and apply those panel, and sharing experience for those who already done this kind of thing before.

I already go thru google and a lot of forum and website of audio, acoustic, room designer, but yet im just get 20% of the idea. Im a slow learner when it comes to reading.

My plan.

OK.. i go thru some website, and im lingering longer in because they enlighten me better in visual, dimension, purpose, alternative solution and so on. So i found something that tweak my heart faster, the plan suggested :


So the picture above is what i get in primacoustic.. and im liking the plan idea as it was so near as how my room gonna be in future. And i like the 3rd from the left plan idea. What do you guys thing?

The reasons why im not chose the 2nd idea from the left is because

1) my right side will got a glass sliding door, which i thing is really not the best as because the 1st idea from the left mention it would shift imaging due to the reflection to one side.
2) my room is down stair, and behind the window is side walk, people always walk there to masjid and kind of main road for those who walk, so i dont want they break the glass just to get my stuff using hand, even i got it grilled. Still give the thief a lust and idea more how to break into my house.

Maybe on the glass sliding door area i will put a thicker curtain or fabric to isolate (i dont know if im using a right word) the sound from feedback from those glass. My 2cent, i dont have the main idea, but the basic i was thinking is like the curtain on the theater stage.

So i will update my progression day by day, tomorrow we will start to build the wall, and i will update with a real picture, and maybe redrawing the plan using better software like adobe illustrator. After all, you guys can start advise, suggesting me with more idea and to make me get more understanding to finish up this project :)

DAY 1 we should star..but its only 9 am and the captain not even wake up yet, and his worker not coming yet. But just want to share how i imagine my plan should work and it finish according to plan. Last night after do alot of reading in and they all suggest me to sketch the plan learn how to use google sketchup and made few angle how my room should end with.

Image ImageImage
ImageImage Image

We start all the work around 11am, and the worker didnt show up (ergh..).. not much today, being a carpenter not really as fun as i think especially when the sun is at the top of your we try to finish the frame for the wall and the main entrance door, i know from the picture the frame is look soo much different from what it supposed to be.. and i know why...because my dad dont want the on the other side of the wall look plain, he want to make some modification in pole placement in the wall frame, which if i caculate back, the inner of the wall is not anymore 4" air gap, but 2.5" and 4" and back to 2.5" (Interlaced)... and the size of the gyproc and plywood for the outside wall need to be cut short 2" on both wide side left and right. (I hate sawing even with machine)..

Image Image Image Image

Anyway today i do more research about how many acoustic panel i need? i afraid if im over excited, and apply too many of it, my room will be dead.. as much as i concern, i cannot treat the ceiling with cloud as i got fan, (well i still dont afford to buy air conditioner, maybe end year, too much GAS this year)....


Well...on day 2 nothing much in the progress... seems like we all get it measure wrong and keep on forgetting things that need to do.. so we take out the last time pole and put in the main frame. Nothing much else to say for today just around 5pm i fall asleep...and thats make the work stop for today..but the best part is all the parts like wall, pole, little frame, door frame...all already done, so maybe tomorrow we can speed up as only need to assemble things to the place it should be :)

Image Image


Still in the progress to bring up the wall.. for each detail need to be so specific to combine 2 type of outcome on 2 both different side....on the side out side of the room, my dad want to make it more ethnic design, which in the inside i just need a plain wall. So the air gap inside already reduce to 2" ...and i voice up my suggestion to install wool inside the wall and been approve by my dad .. (i dont know why kinda got a great feel against wool, he said not good for health some like that)... but i will just bring up the wall first...later when i got enough wool, i will open the wall and install it in.. nothing much, this is the progress we came to.

Image Image


Today, we finish all the frame work, and check if anything was right and done correctly. So we install the wall, the part was " 1" Gyproc > 1" Plywood > 2" air gap > 1" Plywood > 1" Gyproc" . Why Gyproc on the outside? It is because the material is easy to paint on, easy to screw anything later like panel, frame or any interior item like switch.

One side of wall finish.. the next stop should be finish the other side and total close up all of it. Then we gonna paint it first, while on it, on Monday i will call CSR Asia for purchasing acoustic rockwool. Basically we will install the rockwool inside the wall. All i need is a 6pcs of 2" 2' x 4' . Then be hoping can finish the door frame and install the door ASAP. Then re-planning on rewiring new power outlet for that room.

I know it is a slow moving progress, but the time we spent slowing for each detail, i could say its worth it, all the frame and wall are tightly done.

Image Image Image

Image Image

DAY 5,6,7

Sorry guys for a very late update and reply.. kinda got some other stuff need to be done as well.. geez...

1st MAY
On the 1 May.. we got nothing much to do as everybody was home once as a family we do more family things on that day.. We go surveying stuff for the table, speaker stands, sofa bed, curtain and stuff more..

2nd MAY
The next day, my dad catch a fever, so he need more rest and stuff..while he resting, i just need to do some simple job on the progress like paint white code color and syelek (i dont know what the word in English and how it spell). Cut some more plywood and gyproc for other open area on the top and bottom of the wall. And the rest of the day im out again.

3rd MAY
Today we continue our progress very slow as my dad still not fully recover, but i can see his spirit :) .. I did make a call to CSR to enquiries about rock wool. Seems like its getting hard as they transfered my call to 3 different department, and at the end i got the answer "I cant provide you the price as im not the one who decide the price for sell, you need to contact our marketing in charge", my response "how and which number can i contact any of them?", she answered "currently none of them are in today, can you email them and i believe they will email you the catalogue" .. so did the e-mailing and still waiting for the answer, hope they reply within 48 hours, if not i need to get an alternative to owned a wool. If i buying a ready made panel, that makes me getting less panel. So i stick to DIY it.

We continue finish the wall job today...closing up some open area.. double check if everything seal tight and no gap. Checking area so can re-wire for installing electrical stuff inside the room, and not much of it..

Image Image Image Image

Suddenly the question came out from my mouth to my darth vader..

Young Jedi "When can we install the door, dear lord"
Darth Vader "Shhhh~ Shhh~ we need to paint Shhhh~ the room Shhh~ first.."

So to more, hope something more than this 3 days will be happen..


Ohhh so today the progression not according to the plan again... we forget about painting the room, we install the door first... and we out of plywood and gyproc for above the door part.. so just install the door and clean up some stuff as my mom already nagging about the dirty dust and stuff... and i had to go out to find present for my mom birthday this coming Sunday and for Mother days :) so not much of the update..

and yeah i still didnt get the reply from CSR... so guys... i really need option on where to buy a rock wool? does ACE hardware or DIY got wool for sale ????

Image Image Image Image


Really really sorry for a delay in the progress...i got a tight schedule last few days and try to finish the out side part of room ASAP coz my mom already bla bla bla dirty, dust, ugly, new furniture and so on so on... so today i got little time before out for some audition, i finish to seal with chalk every gap and coding color the wall as tomorrow im really really gonna paint the room. Still bad news, i didnt get a time to survey or make a different call in searching for wool...haiyaa..why la so hard to get a wool... and here i update some few pic for the progress and how the outside of the room look like.

Image Image Image Image

DAY 10 and 11

OK...late update..busy..super busy... so we get back to the track on last Saturday... in the early day, we going to IKEA to buy some table top, bed sofa and some misc item. So the delivery will come on the next today with the help of my brother, we paint the room. Nothing much, paint and syelek some wood material. Paint the wall turquoise (i believe) and the exit door red from the outside. We finish around late evening, so need the whole night to wait for all of it to dry before we can continue. Do some clean up, and out for family dinner. End of the day.

The next day, once done, we install the electric power. And I start to unplugged all the computer from the all room and transfer to the new room. Install the table, we custom it a bit. Bring other stuff into the room, install back everything and try the room how the sound should be. Just test it out using my altec lansing as i didnt get yet my Yamaha HS50.

At first it is really feel awkward, feel different and its really true, the low end are supermassive. I readjust my woofer bass, and test with audio check from 10hz to 200hz. Maybe im using the altec lansing, so from 10hz - 30hz are so not notice able, and from 130hz to 160hz abit lost. The room feedback / reverb ...well i cant say much, it something i had to deal with with this dimension of room. After all i said to my self "i really really need to do more homework to get used with this new room, its totally feel different"...

The later i install new sofa bed, this and that, dinner, continue, take shower, continue to test the sound. Yeah, after install sofa bed, put curtain on the window, and some few stuff like coffee table, the sound are way better than before. Now i can feel the low end and bass are controlable, mid spike up and high freq crispy. I kind like the sound, something like my old room but way better and wider sound (as last time the space are too small so kinda feel not so wide). Try play some movie, well hahaha NICE...

So about the wool and acoustic panel, i just got a great news from Dwayne, (he is very helpful buddy, honest and educate me alot) , he can help me to get it. :) So i will continue later, once i got my wool :D


DAY 12

At last, and at last :)

I just got my rock wool last Sunday (29/05/2011) and thanks a lot to Dwayne from Redpocket Studio that helping me to purchase a couple of packs of rock wool and not just that, he volunteer to send it to my place...REALLY REALLY BIG OF THANK YOU FOR YOU DWAYNE :D soo soo much each package got 6 pcs of rock wool with the size of 2ft x 4ft x 2inches and 60kg density. Total for 3 beg is 18 pcs of rock wool.

Ok, it is a busy week, band practice for show, playing games, working bla bla bla list goes on, and on Tuesday, im going to Jakel sec 7 Shah Alam to buy a roll of fabric. AND LUCKY AGAIN !!!! JAKEL now got SALE...yay~ and with little money left, i just bought a normal cotton fabric just for RM3 per meter. ...well im not really a guy who always buy fabric, so i dont if that is super cheap or not but for me..that is super cheap :) ...Bought about 40 meters...

So the next day, Wednesday.. around evening time as need to borrow my father truck to go buy some wood... Bought around 14pcs of wood with 12feet length each of them....price around RM10 per pc...bought it in Section 19 Shah Alam, there is MyDIY warehouse...i think it is a new building..

Reach home and i cant wait to do the work, so me and my dad take out our toys....i try to make 2 first... and i take around 3 hours to finish those 2...well, to cut the wood just take around 10 minutes, to screw and become frame 10 minutes...and to staple the fabric to the frame take around 1 and a half hour.....FUCK GILA advise...get a proper stapler gun and a proper stapler stapler keep fucked up all the time...seriously..i feel like wasted my 3 hours for nothing and mental ill..~! it should can be done around 20 - 30 minute top~!! for lazy ass like me.

So the plan is....i got 18 pcs of rock wool and i just make 14 frame...why? Simple.. 10 is for acoustic panel and another 4 for bass trap....bass trap i will double up the im using 2 pcs of wool to get 4 inches thick.

Total cost to make this 14 panel is;

1 beg of 6pc rock wool = RM 250 x 3 = RM 750
1 pcs of 12 feet frame wood = RM 10 x 14 = RM 140
1 meter of cotton fabric = RM 3 x 40 = RM 120

Subtotal = RM 1010 and it is worth it :D

So thats for now...tomorrow will continue, hope can finish all at once :D


DAY 13

So after the busy weekend and busy i got the time to finish at least 8 panel and got 6 more to go...and i still annoyed with my stapler gun...after all not much word to say...we install the panel to the wall... and i test the sound ...WOW...really really giving a big differences.. especially the low end freq...its better than before i install the more boom boom too hard...and it is controlable... yet..i feel like losing abit the high mid and high freq...not so sure, maybe i set the woofer too loud....and also i just notice that the sound are more to the right, the left seems lose not sure if it is a technical problem after i re-plug everything back...but i will double check tomorrow after finish install all the panel..


So thats all i got now...later when progress started, i do more update :)

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