Im soo lonely in the dark of my own space

i cry alone in the dark
waiting for angel that will never wake up
cant sleep with anger in me
cant resist for the sadness while waiting

i think of running, but chose to do nothing
i think of shouting, but i end up silent
i fake the way live, and living in my own mind
i want to fall, but im already on the ground

to break, i am not in the position
to keep, position is sorrow
flew in the wind, but the wind never chills me
holding the tears, that foolishness

im stuck, im hurt, im all along what its mean
im a tragedy, accident, paused for no reason
stay awake for what i want, never get there
so i think of asylum, but never qualified

i hate, everything
cruelness of the world that ignore me
in dark i cant sleep, with vengeance of dicy
i decided not worth living this forgiveness

im soo lonely in the dark of my own space
die, please i invite you now..


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