RXF on magazine :D yeahh~!!!

Yeah!! First mag review in Yezz Magazine November issue 2010 :)

***to read more about the article please purchase the magazine only RM4.90 and automatically u already support the local scene and local industries :) cheers to malaysia band and music :D

Thanks you soo much to:

Yezz Magazine it self for such a great fantastic exposure

Yezz Magazine reader especially the one to check out the link given in the article

Aqilah Mior the writer ;)

Macxy Green the photgrapher

Zaffan the make up artist

i-bands.net as the biggest platform for indie musician in malaysia to evolve

and to all RXF fans and friends for supporting us and keep on listening to our song :)

really really wanna give to all of you guys a big hugs from the group of big fat man :D yeahh~!!


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