Have some writer fill my head with nonsense?
I'll wait for the movie,
Don't know what I'll be missing,
But yet life goes on.

All my character in this life are fictitious,
And anyone find resemblance to actual persons,
Living or Dead,
Should proceed no further.

Imagine me if you must,
As someone you once knew.
Someone perhaps you liked,
Or better yet, imagine me as you.

By a man with deranged mind.
A mind such as our town had never seen before,
No one would be safe from him, not even his loved ones,
Especially his loved ones.

Look like a suicide, but it was a clean murder.
I'll clean it up later, Romance between two operator,
Filling your head with nonsense, are you?
Fashioned at the beginning, as long imagine me as you.

Imagine me as you,
Its like the author stole a part of me that I thought only I knew.
Yes, you should but yet you don't,
Now what do you think that means?

This mind set maybe it's right,
At the right place and right time maybe tonight,
And the whisper or handshake sending a sign,
Wanna make out and kiss hard? Never mind.

Who knows saying maybe it slipped,
But the slipped turn to terror, and crush to light,
Believe it's the fright, it's cute in a way,
Till you cannot speak and you leave,

Escape was just a nod and a casual wave.
It's only just a crush, it'll go away.
It's just like all the other, it'll go away.
So lovely, it feel so right.

This is danger and you just don't know.
You pray it all away, but it continues to grow.
Skin pressed against me tight,
Lies still, close your eyes, chapter begin with me as you.

You got a tip from your neighborhood watch.
This be-friend me crap it wont work.
End up walking with a permanent necklace.
Imagine me as you, it's an agonizing reminder.

You're a bad person and you don't want to make me bad.
Imagine me as you still don't give you that kind of power.
Chapter always begin with Romance,
Imagine me as you, it still end with not in fashion.

Soon you found me was in your name,
It was in the word you spoke.
As you exit the imaginary world,
You figure it's another job well done?
You're my legacy, it's inherit curse of our Romance.


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