Rumor Mill

Here we go again,
It’s like you’re calling all the shots before I shoot them and I hate that.
Every time I turn my back I wonder what you’ll say to make me sound like someone different.

And I don’t ever wanna know what it feels like to be a shadow of myself and I don’t ever wanna come back down from this feeling.

And I don’t think you wanna see what’s underneath the made up version of me.

We’ve been picking up the pieces
Leaving all the dust behind.
Sick of all the pressure , we’re just wasting time.

I lost the strength to keep my grip on the reality that everything from day to day is fading from my memory but I’ll never let this grow out of my control and watch our steps so we don’t fall into this hole we’ve dug alone

I measure life in minutes and every second of it make me wanting you more.

If to love you is wrong, then I sustain my mistake so I can get to you. Like in The Notebook, thick and thin is our heaven ground. I wish I could be outside of your window and holding boombox playing our songs.

Way beyond all this word, I believe that you know me more than this. 

Like love, it is true.
Like us, it's wonderful.



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