Ohhh luck, my biggest enemy.
I never believe in the concept of lucky
And yet I found my self lucky to where im standing now,
but not as much lucky as how in somebody else past.
Im always the kind of person who never get the 100 percent 
of how they used to give out in the past.
And that always make me feel like Im an experimental being.
Or reality for me, like I never meant to deserve it.

Trying, the only thing i never stop doing.
Its a lie if I never felt to give up.
I do, each of every second of my life.
But as much as I want to giving up.
I always felt that so much i could offer.
And that is the only thing I could feel good about my self,
be strong and always giving more.
Because I found it so unfair to let someone now
to suffer from my miserable past.
My baggage no need to be claim,
I dumped it somewhere I can see but could not reach,
So I can preserve so much room for better future.
And yet I could look back and learn to not submit the same mistake again.

Understanding, I'm clueless.
I don't even know if it just a metaphor for something,
or it just a made up constitution.
Because there is always a conflict between 
to be able to understand,
and to be understand.
Both way is a joke on me.
It make me confuse.

Life, typical drama, and yet I don't care.
All I know there is a
and sun 
Then there is a small little corner in it
there is a prince and princess
Like how we used to say
"even we round the world in the opposite way, yet we found each other"
and I believe in that,
It is not luck, It is typical.
Yet it wonderful
But if life is just to remember all the bad things happen,
I should be allowed to chose the way I die,
and obviously the way not gonna let anyone to suffer.
 I drive my life to remember all the happiness
and reject to die before my eyes can see that 
we are happy with each other.
Thick and thin.

So you there who reading this
This is no competition statement
Not an argument to make.
This is how I love you.
To let you go into me.
And try to see how my head works.
But I can assure you,
I always do love you,
No matter how hard this road we taking,
I will be there, always.
To catch your smile fall out from the sky.
And let heaven be less happy now,
till the day I take you there.

And I never need luck to have you.
Because you deserve my effort 100 percent.
And in return, I hope you could do the same.
If not our journey to heaven not gonna be awesome.

Word could be really hurt.
But a smile of you could make it go away.
Simple as that.
That's how perfect you are in my eyes.



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