Hotter than hell

She calls me the devil, I make her wanna sin. 
Every time I knock, she can't help but let me in. 
Must be homesick for the real and I'm the most real it gets. 
You probably still adore me with my hands around your neck.

Can you feel the warmth as my kiss goes down you like some sweet alcohol? 
Where I'm coming from, it's the darker side of me that makes you feel so numb. 

You're my manna from heaven, we all gotta get fed. 
Can let me know I'm wanted, can let me in your head? 
I'm not here to make you kneel but it's praise that I'll get. 
You ain't gonna walk free girl, not finished with you yet, NO.

Cause we're hot as hell. Does it burn when I'm not there? 
When you're by yourself, am I the answer to your prayers? 

I'm giving you that pleasure, heaven.
And I'll give it to you, hotter than hell. 


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