Funny for +18

Qestion: Why is the “69″ position also called

the “smokers position?”

Answer: Because while she is smoking the cigar,

he is cleaning the ashtray.

Question: Why is sperm donation more expensive

than blood donation?

Answer: Because it’s HANDMADE!!

An old man married a young girl. On their wedding

night, he showed five fingers to his young wife.

Young girl : “Ooh.. darling! 5 times?”

Old man : “No dear, choose which one do you


to start with?”

Man 1 : “My wife is obsessed with cars. While

asleep, she holds my bird and says’1st gear, 2nd


Man 2 : “My wife is worse! She puts my bird


her and say ‘Full tank please’.”

Question : What is the closest thing that is

similar to a woman’s period?

Answer : Your salary; it comes once a month,


about 5-7 days and if it doesn’t come, it means

you are in big trouble!

Question : What is the smallest hotel in the


Answer : It’s Vagina Inn because it can only

accommodate 1 standing occupant who must leave


2 baggages outside!

2 prostitutes were in a taxi, on their way home

after “work”.

Bitch 1 : I smell sperm!

Bitch 2 : Sorry, I burped!


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