We sang the jolly old song

It is Brian Mc Knight... that was the answer.. hahaha funny is she tot it was Craig David and i tot it was Boyz 2 Men...both of us WRONG!!! BUZZZ!!!  but the chorus keep playing repeatedly till i forgot to bought her the headphones with mic!! ... i hate my self for being so not responsible!

One... you're like a dream come true...Two... just wanna be with you...Three... girl it's plain to see... that your the only one for me...Four... repeat steps one through three...Five... make you fall in love with me...If ever I believe my work is done... then I start Back at One 

Yeah...i start back at one... at the right moment when we're loading our cheesy-ness with Manhattan delicious macaroni ..... GUMMY BEAR!! thats a cute drinks!...what the hell im writing a blog like a chicks flicks??

So she already fell asleep by this time...i listen to our song and keep watching the MTV...you know what song it is...so dont play dumb here and smile till ear!!! hahahah love the song...it make our story make more sense...

hey.. you notty lil minx.. dont over think things :) just please enjoy the moment with me without the most annoying sound from INSIDIOUS!!! or else you gonna get a GHOST SLAP from your past! yeahhhhh 839 ROCKS!!!! booo kuah nenas!! dia saya punya now, go play beating girls else where!! let the cool kids stay cool!! we dont entertain Parker Crane!

im still looking for a bracelet for us... or maybe uhumm uhummm wahhaha secret! dont ask, if not i know you stalking my blog hahah blueekk!!!!

actually i wanted to write something cheesy with artistic twist like i always do..the over romantic sci-fi hahha but i dont know...im too gedik right now and too CHICKS FLICKS because you and my best friend keep making jokes and make me feel like im part of SISTER POWER TEAM! hahah im soo gay!

so i cant sleep now, watcing tv, keep smiling and go thru our photo...but in this heart...i sang the jolly old song.. FOR NO REASONS!!

love you, always, send my regards to nana and nini :D mwah!


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