Goodbye My Friendly Friends

I have to let go all of you, all the best time together I will never dare to forget. Thank you for all the greatest journey and adventure..

MIJ Greco Les Paul Custom (1977) EG500 Law Suit era 
Pick ups already swap to Seymour Duncan JB (bridge) and Seymour Duncan Jazz (neck)

MICanada Godin Redline 1
Pick ups already swap to Seymour Duncan Distortion SH-6
Originally installed with EMG 81, so the guitar body area are ready made to install active pick ups

MIK ESP LTd Ec1000 Vintage Black 
Originally Installed with EMG 81 and EMG 86 pick ups
Mahogany Body and Neck
Ebony fretboard - 24 (3/4) set neck

MIK Epiphone Les Paul Standard (1995)


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