All about you

Originally written on :
Wednesday, March 24, 2004

U probably been crooked on the last trick,
I saw u standing and stare on your last trick,
Maybe before the leave can help me out,

But you had me on the long run,
I'm not stuck and fucking wit the wrong one,
Instead I'm in love wit this sweet brown sugar,
how could i tell u it is sour,

I'm try to calling your name but u ignore like how you want it,
so baby please show me the real love,
wise the decisions based on the time we living,

So that the reason why i call you, because i love you a lot,
Fantasies of the sweating, can i get it?

Addicted to the thing you do,
It still true i love all about you..
I try to confess but u saying you're not perfect,

You ain't impressed wit the fame i make,
No body love me cause i still love cakes,
Witness me holler at a hoochies, see how quick the game take,

How can i tell u I'm a player while i didn't get any better than you,
My eyes blurry, every girl all around its look like you,
everywhere i go, i still see the same boo,

Explain to me why i see the same visual of you?
I love you, dream of you waiting me at the end of every night,
I used to just see you picture on my friend CPU,
I better believe it now i share a pillow wit you,

Never take a look through a perfection of you,
Cause i cant say too much, I'm just like u,
Follow the line and the drama we have been through,
It still true girl, i still love all about you..


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