"this is something i wrote for my first love, so i will keep it originally like this.."
Originally written on:
Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Dear Mother,
if i tell you that I'm in love would u ask me who is that lucky girl?
if my first thought is right, then her name is Shamin,

Dear Father,
if I telling you now I'm feel like a man,
i knew u gonna asked me why did i said that,
the answer is because you love momma,
the same on me because i love this lady name Shamin,

Dear Brother,
would you believe when u see my eyes cry?
i knew you wont, because u never seen it before,
please don't ask me why when i did,
by now u should already know,

Dear Sister,
i want you to knew its hard to play a part as a male in a relation,
because even when i saw you wit your boy i got jealous,
how is it for me when i see ma beloved princess wit other?,
Shamin need to know that my sensitive part more to a jealousy thing,

Dear Friends,
if before you see I'm just got ride alone or always been see,
then now y'all see me on the phone n always been missed,
i hope y'all understand and if not, i will explain,
that now I'm in love with a girl name Shamin,

Dear God,
i never asked you for anything special,
never asked you for an angel, but u sent me one ,
so now i have to asking from you every night,
hope me and Shamin will last n stay forever...


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