Originally written on :
Friday, October 31, 2003


If i could draw a piece of picture,
I will fill it wit colors,
Red, blue, green, and orange,
So i want everybody said it was nice,

If i could take a picture,
i will snap all the beautiful,
Mountain, sea and sky,
So i want everybody know who is god,

If i could have a picture,
I'm gonna keep it nice,
in frame, album and memory,
so i want everybody know how expensive it is,

If i could be in a picture,
i want somebody i love side to me,
My girl ,My Family, and my kids,
So i want everybody know how much i love them,

If i could show u all the picture,
i gonna show it freely,
a piece, a thousand and it will be unlimited,
just want to let everybody know bout it


A million of picture in my mind and my time,
never will end, never be fade and wont stop popping,
the color still beautiful and the love still sacred,
so when and how i can know it is reality or just my fantasy,
only one thing is fantasy but i keep it as reality,

The life that i only picture when i never get enough with what i did have..


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