Happiness is a myth?

does somebody really know what is it a happiness?
does it can be seen?
the existence which can be mean chaotic sometime,
the way it come really transparent,
but when its time to let it go, its too bold to notice it,
when to think back, happiness is just a myth,
which u know how it sound,how it is pictured it self,
but when it was here,we cant notice it was here,
but we feel comfortable and happy, we do smile,
suddenly *poof* like a magic its gone,
with one close eye its been draw on our face,

"I'm not happy, I'm all alone"

you, yes you,when we make it right,
like having things good,sex,talk,hot and wet,
but at the end..i just know even u didn't say anything,

"I'm sorry"

why we do divorce? why we break up?
isn't the happiness was there?

"I'm not sure"

that's all the unappreciated answer from whom wanna leave,
sometimes you cant just understand the tired of trying again,
come and go,its hard,when I'm the one appreciate, but you're not,
do you think it was fun?

"yeah too much fun"

I'm not asking about what we have done,
and you don't need to act like you appreciate it,
you walk away without a reason,it is clear,
but somehow today,i do see that happiness is a myth,
like any other myth,we know how it works,
to confirm it really exist or not,we look for it,
like believing it was true from discovery channel,
but i discovered it my self with a girl that i love,
happiness is only there when we meet,
then the myth was written in our history,
which people cant found it, where it is the happiness,
our story is the best way to tell and elaborate,
the truth meaning of happiness,and it is your own myth,
one day for our children..me and my girl never give up to each other,
and when love is said, it meant to be, i love u so much,
way too much,never want to leave, if that is the myth I'm looking for..



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