Old Days

some say "we're only plan it and god decide it",
i say the harder we work the more we get,
still remember the hard time we going through? i feel it easier now,

even its not the same between us now,
for me our joke will still be funny,
argue with this life, promise together we ride,
but most of them gave up before 25,
some shall rejoice, while others burn,
if only i knew, one day its gonna be my turn,

heard people cried, not knowing we cried worse,
I'm back home but some gotta face god,
and I'm praying for you a precious protection,
hoping my information not gonna leave a hesitation,

a girlfriend will never gonna understand, how its feel to lose a man,

its hard to be legit,
remember while a rich kid driving Benz,
we still hold on to the family, we just playing band,
i remember Kylie used to sing to me,
better the devil i know, and that's you bro,

to all the ladies who raise your kid on your own,
i got love for your babies, just because we grown in the same block,
together we learn, together we walk, read, ride and sing
and now we on radio, even much better we on the bright screen,

making some money to pay our self and the good old lady,
we are different than other kids, we don't have a lot of money,
but we got the guts to do what it take,
we went to school, every single rule, we break,

sitting in class are so boring, we called it a day,
operate things in the easiest way,
your momma catch us and whooped our backside ,
she send us outside, sleeping together in the darkest night,

but now u gone, I'm alone fixed the economy,
I've given the world so don't thank me,
back in the day they joked about our fantasy,
now they worked hard to feed a family while I'm here having a fantasy came true,
making my 6 pac come lose to a bunch of big tire, and sailing wit a big boat to..

last night as i clean up the store, i saw our diary,
the raise and fall of a bad family,
do you still remember Shauny, the girl you used to love,
she dumped you and marry to a Rolex collector,
meet her in the club, she looks like a hooker,

and hope you still remember Mr Ramesh who dismiss us from school,
meet him last reunion and he ask me about you,
as he can remember we lose life, we're bad guys, back in old school,
a lot of hard people and hard time we gone through,

as thing had change now, my office no more on the corner,
no more riding the bus, i fly the sky wit my private chopper,
look at my kids now, hope they wont be like us, thing need to be legit,
they no need to surviving because they never been in a welfare,
if god send me back to the old days, I'm gonna remain the same...miss u guys


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