Dear, Im sorry...

when i was in love, me n my baby had a beef,
because of my bad sting of my bad life,
and i couldn't thought i would see her face,
ain't a women alive can take my baby place,

i shed tears when my baby leave,
over the night I'm regretting for what i did,
when i got jealous lately, i felt so wrong,
i blame my baby,

i reminisce on the stress i caused,
I'm always got the feel that I'm lost,
and i know I'm guilty so i did something that rocks,
its feel good to put a text in your mailbox,
cause when i was low u always there for me,
you never leave me alone because u care for me,

but now the road got rough, I'm alone,
I trying to raise a love by my own,
pour up some liquor n reminiscing,
i know i did bad on you so now I'm missing,
and when it seem that I'm hopeless,
you say a word that can get me back in focus,

when i said u always make me happy,
there is no limit to the things you did,
and all of my love memories,
are full of all the sweets things you did fo me,
and even thought i act crazy,
i got to thanks lord because you love me,

there is no words can express how i feel,
you never kept a secret, always stayed real,
and i appreciate how u love me,
and all the extra love that u gave me,
for all the bad thing I made it going badly,
I cry n hoping u forgive me,

I'm sorry ...



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