Heaven aint hard to find

Originally written on:

Monday, February 16, 2004

Heaven ain't hard to find,
what you gotta do is looking,
get a smile and ask how the heaven is look like,

with your eyes close,
try to fantasy, illusion of heaven, solution?
drag you insane, why?
because opportunity wont come single,

so human listen,
let me favored you wit a tongue kisses,
heaven ain't hard to find, infect you can have it,
just imagine..

if you could love the one who love you,
you could touched it, feel it,
you can see it now clearly from your eyes,
get the love made,

human please don't flirt,
because a heaven wont be heavenly without love,
it is a passion, again heaven ain't hard to find,

if we raise a good deeds,
love compassion gave everything that's fine,

heaven ain't hard to find,
if you have it, just stay sleep n dreaming,
don't ever wake up because i afraid if u just gonna ruining it,
just a little kiss, can u imagine?

the moon light on the roof of our happy home,
a beautiful park full of color butterfly,
and how can a stranger come and pick it away,
then are you gonna felt down?
holler at me human, straight no heart breaker,
heaven ain't hard to find if u just know how the feeling could be,

heaven could be fine...



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