I Miss You, even bad, I will Miss You More Soon.

I Miss You,
When I listen to the sound of a piano softly singing,
When I hear the stars giggling at night,
When the imposing, deafening, roaring noise of silence assaults me,

Do you miss me now that you are gone,

my smile, my touch, the smell of my hair,

The way I always showed you I cared?

Do you miss watching me nose picking? ,

The memories flash before me,

It makes me want to cry,

I miss you even more when they appear,

When You’re Beside Me…

I Love You

When You’re Away From Me…

I Miss You

Thinking back on the times we had

The good the bad the ugly the sad,

I start to cry wish i never had,

Never had done anything to make you sad,

You are all that I dream about,

when there is no more sun that I can see,

You are all I really need,
when my days are short,

I miss your smile that cheers my day, Your happy pix that tells me you are on your way,

....I Miss You So Badly IBU..mwah !!

***ni semua pasal ibu kene tembak awal sgt malam tadi.. :(


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