My Happy Home

Originally written on:
Monday, March 22, 2004

The most life living is love,
the love that i care for you is like a house,
It's been 9 month, we must been passes the trial,
We been through a lot of bad thing, i forgot to count,
I never hit or blame you, not even a coward to leave the house,

Remember back to November, we was tight,
waiting you in the bed room, tongue kisses, i promise to be committed,
i love to touch your secret place, i admit that I'm loving it,

I will promise to be good to each other,
but u need to understand when i change at time,
it just because i didn't feel anything that's mine,

So now we been through a good time, the house door looking so fine,
so i gotta turn this house to a happy home,

I got to set my house wit a lovely mood,
plus i love you so you need to be a good lover,
i got to change my whole lifestyle now,
marry my girl, made her my wife now,
i trying hard, maybe in time i gonna change and be a better man,

Acting like an old couple, handle it smooth like a veteran,
Show me the meaning of forever we live, and together we ride,
If it would help our love grow then together we die,

Love to the hard time, maybe there got a player wanna take anything that's mine,

Question my love its so easy to see, my sensitive part is mo to jealousy,
With out you, all I'm left is just a shadow of me,
After all the time we had going through, for the good thing and wrong,
Finally i made it without you, living a good life, inside a happy home...


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