Changed man

to choose either you or my insanity,
honor could be my glorify,
and you could be the loyal in me,
but to both i cant even promise,
i hate the heaven most than hell....
but hell is the most place i don't wanna be..

i know most of y'all getting bored to deal with failures,
get tired to move a step forward, because know its not really good in front,
if a changes pop up in mind now, should it on or let it off forever,
if it on will i become someone that's me, or someone that i don't even know,

oh god please let met carry the pressure, if a face cant show will they get into my heart?
if i can change the way i died, i choose to not born at all,
if i cant change the thing i already known, i want to turn it more worst,

if y'all still cant understand what inside that's really changed me,
I'm a changed man, please ask god why,
just given the world its a setup, i don't know why...
thank to god not me, because I'm not down with immortality changes,
speak unless you spoke..


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