Closed Sign

Originally written : Friday, October 31, 2003

Then i walked down the street, goin back late then put my self on a run, arrived with hoping i can sleep, but the door were closed.

Then i run a life to live, ride it too far till i dunno what I've had done, and the time past and i see crossroad, make it up to be right, but again it closed.

Then i write to ensure it will be read, writing it too carefully, finish it with a smile but I've told, its not good and my book closed.

Then rite now I'm gonna die, if i die rite now i know that I'm good, ma eyes closed mean i had to go, but the gate closed mean I'm stuck...

Then i sit alone and thinking.. all the thinking I've made is closing me up, why it must be happen to me? Hoping there will have a words, except for time now.. so the other I'm forwarding right now is not perfect anymore, anything even alive, should be closed back, to analyze that what is time..


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