I wish....

i wish i can write,
so i can throw what inside,
so i can read it all over again,
to remind me how much i got hurt than happy,

i wish i can read,
so i can learn a lot of language,
when he send i can read,
when she reply i can understand,

i wish i can sing,
so i can feel my own emotion,
when I'm happy I'm hyper,
and when I'm sad i just cry,

i wish i was rich,
so i wont be so struggling,
i can help community and family,
money not everything,
but everything is money,

i wish i trust my friends,
so i can do work lightly,
no argument no fight,
i say sorry and they will do the same to,

and lastly i wish i can make a wish,
because i have no place to lean on,
i just got time for work hard,
to satisfied all the things that never understand me..


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