Emotional Rescue

Yesterday November 11 2009, Cineleisure.

Argh, i don't know what happen to me but i am stupid. I should not get into emotional, yah maybe i don't get enough sleep. I felt like she ignored me, but actually she does not. I feel like they're better with me, with out me in the picture. But I'm so wrong about it.

I did put harsh word on her, which make her feel not easy, but thanks i did say sorry because i will make up anything to fix it. And after that, all the sweetest moment with her comes. We watch horror movies and holding hands till the end. She started to get near me, i get to hug her. I never felt this happy for a long time. I'm so in love and yet its true what Lucky Luciano said, "Emotion Kills".

But i don't care, as some said, "Love is part of pain, but still hoping it will last long good".

Again i am happy, and thanks to god and to the hard decision i made through, i get paid well to the tears i made. I love the moment and love her indeed for the hype of us. Its feel alive.

And thanks to biggie, you always there when i felt sorrow and emptiness. Even you're not in the effort level of mine, still its better to have single wing than nothing at all, right?

P/s: Please don't say you will not come back after semester break, if you do, I'll sure that I'm the one will come to you, no matter where or how far, i will.


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