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Monday, December 08, 2003

When i wake up i open my eyes,

its feel bad when notice time are moving fast,

cry by my own and there no body cares why,

I sleep and wondering about tomorrow....

Today i wake up again and hoping it wont remain the same, all i heard is silent and all i see is blind, then i sit, lay and keep on thinking about...


....I'm bored and my eye's slowly close, in the morning I wake up and mourning,
put my eyes on left and right, but there is nothing again, put ma head again, then close back and praying, praying to god for a better day,

"if i should die b4 i sleep,i pray to lord,ma soul to keep, then if i die b4 i wake,i pray to lord,ma soul to take"

then my eye are close waiting for tomorrow, then i heard but i cant see, people calling me but i cant answer, people crying but cant shade em tears, then i know....

if today I'm alone, tomorrow i will be by my own,, if 2day I'm crying, tomorrow no body will cares why, if today I'm saying, tomorrow no body will heard, if its all going just the same..

better off with out "tomorrow"


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