A person..

Originally written on :
Monday, March 01, 2004

If I've given a choice to be a person,
i wanna be one from a thousand of a good one,
i wanna gain deed's, leave the sin,
list down a good things, have a list of a good sigh n time,

a good man owned a nice smile,
a good man will be text on time,
never been forgotten even once,
and forgotten is far away from the corner,

Respect n love, comfort establish if I'm a good man,
they know what I'm saying is fine, its nice,
i get my mind right, because a good person don't have an anger,
its fair, they can be so good even for a stranger,
and that's really not me... ok!

second chance changed,
never seems in a same place,
it should be i take it away so long,
in the first place, I'm just playing,
re-called, see I'm a big boy,

know how to understand, in the pain i gain,
stuck in the same lane, but I'm still scared to be,
the good that i need, because the jealousy of good ,

making sense, i was hope there will be someone "Hye",
in the same time I'm scared if its "bye",

how can i done a good thing if it is wrong?,
what if i don't ever need a love to heal,
i don't ever need a love to prevail,
rather to be blind than be a victim,

between of this choice, i chose to be in the middle,
i don't wanna try both of it even once,
because i don't even got enough time to run it all,

i was scared if i was late to fixed it,
so I'm jealous just because i cant be one from a thousand,
a person of me is different from you...



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