Shutterspeeds to ShutterCrashed : RXF

"Shutterspeeds: A Slice of Time "
It's called still photography, as opposed to video photography, but every photograph is actually the record of a tiny slice of time; if it looks still, it's just an illusion.

All same goes to my music. Luckily for me, guitar make a lot more sense and are more self-explanatory in musics, however, like the other exposure bands, my band in general follow the same new and old school pattern. Typical RXF are expressed on
music in the following of more "Lab Rat" order.The characters of different RXF can be roughly divided into two; technical and creative characteristics.

2000 - 1000 - 500 - 250 - 125 - 60 - 30 - 15 - 8 - 2 - 1 - B

When you do press the shutter squeeze it don't jab at it.
It is important to know exactly what are your music it is. With many modern half skill's band with too much exposure has some effect; it may stop down the techn
ical musician or triggering the audience for less focusing on real shape of music - any combination or all of these actions may result. Pressing the music a little more usually results in the experimental concept. It's important that you know exactly what "a little more" for your particular band is. Triggering the keyboardist with female line up should never be a surprise anymore. You should know precisely the moment the music will turn you off. If your band is based on exposure with significant "stupid in music" this is easier to say than do but practice helps. Try to think exactly how your music behaves? With new concept and idea it's fun to learn how your music behaves by taking shots of it. Switch to a MTV or an internet and jam away. What you see when you listen to your music should be just what you anticipated. It's also good practice for anticipating the moment as well as getting to know your own music identities.


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