Tomorrow Comes Today

"start from 15th November 2009 I could not see and hold her as she going far away for the moment so i wrote this to remind how it's feel inside me and si hitam.."

i faced the mirror in mama's room,
drew a make up in my place,
i was lost because i cross the line i shouldn't cross,
but how long can i wait for tomorrow?
and whats if it's coming today, i was lost... long it would take for tomorrow,
as if i see everyday is sun and moon,
is it a forgiveness that count the day,
or happiness is like there is no tomorrow,
so tell me what if tomorrow comes today,
i was scared...please..

how long must i need to know about tomorrow,
or for you,
i was scared like its higher than a sky,
or when she go,
as if tomorrow comes today,
will she be back ? will she not ?

as today come tomorrow,
i will say please, please, please, please,
and tomorrow come today,
i still afraid if i couldn't see my dearness......


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